Lavish Parties in Small Spaces

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1. One Party, Three Nights – hosting the party on more than one consecutive night is a smart way to accommodate a guest list that is larger than the venue. It also allows you to organize your guests into groups that will make for ideal conversations and connections.

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2. Three Nights, One Party – offering the same elements each of the multiple nights gives your guests the same wonderful experience and saves you from several host headaches. Present the same food, drinks, music, and décor each night. Also, using the same staff saves you from having to orient a new crew each time.

Remember to touch up the fresh flowers each day.

3. Quality is Key – a party in an intimate venue feels like a special, intentional gift given to the chosen guests, and the quality of the food, beverages, service, décor, and music are essential in communicating this sensation.

If the event is in your home, it is even more important that you lead with your best foot.

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4. Mind the Music – whether it’s played live or from your iPod, music is a crucial tone-setter. A small ensemble (3-4 pieces) with a light sound is right for a small space. How it fits who you are is as important as how it fits the space. Pick music that expresses how you see yourself and your home, and this will communicate seamlessly to your guests.

5. Give it for Your Guests – it is always true, and especially so with small spaces, that relationships are key. Invite the ones you love and who love you, the ones you want to have a meal with and share your home with. Begin the experience with an elegant, personalized invitation and carry it through to the last goodbye with a warm house full of happy guests. If the guests want to be there, it’s a success.

With the right planning, an economy of space can become a doorway to the most deeply memorable moments, as the need to use fewer, more intimate elements lends an outstanding potency to the experience for your guests. Boisterous, busy events in sweeping spaces are a thrill, but a lavish party in a small space is the perfect reminder that it doesn’t have to be big to be the best.

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