An Enterprising Spirit: It's All in the Family

An Enterprising Spirit: It's All in the Family

When I launched Gourmet Advisory Services in 1978, the original plan was to develop an event planning business that would support me and my family. But never, in my wildest dreams, did I imagine it would bloom into the successful family business it is today!

Working with my daughter, Melissa Rosenbloom, and nieces, Claudia Warner and Trisha Stern, you can clearly see that entertaining is more than an obsession. It’s just in our DNA. Our love and respect for family has always extended beyond each other and brings the rest of the Gourmet Advisory team into the fold as our extended family. Passion, teamwork, elegance, efficiency, and humility are the foundations of our success. These characteristics define the culture at Gourmet Advisory Services and are evident in every single one of the events we create for our clients. With the charm, warmth and efficiency the “ladies in black” have become known for, we take great pride in working together to take the guesswork out of planning today’s weddings and events.

Our loyal, supportive environment not only envelops our clients, but also the event partners we collaborate with on a daily basis. We really do function as one big, loving family. And yet, this family business is indeed a business. We strive to be savvy and professional at all times; but friendly, gracious and accommodating as a rule.

The feeling of accomplishment, pride and joy that I experience each and every day is simply overwhelming and awe-inspiring. Every time we meet a new client, or book another event, or visit an exciting destination, we are making each other’s dreams come true.

Love, Harriette

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