Mitzvah Motivation: Designing with Photographs

Mitzvah Motivation: Designing with Photographs

Nothing beats having photographs taken of your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah as the photos are treasured over the years as keepsakes. Wonderful, lasting memories captured in time with every single image, whether you remember it happening or not, and telling the story of your child’s achievement and celebration.

We know that every parent loves to share the images and highlight films after their child’s event, who wouldn’t? Frankly, now that we have DVDs, Chrome Cast, Apple TV and mobile devices better able to show video, we understand how important those images are! They are EVERYTHING and MORE!

But, have you ever considered the tremendous impact photographs and videos of your child can be in the actual event design of the party? We have found, after producing multiple decades’ worth of Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations, that photographs can play a huge role in the environment of the event. More than a montage reel of images, which will certainly find its place in the celebration, photographs of your child’s entire life and/or current images are incredible elements to design around. They are the ultimate “selfies” and can really make your child light up with pride and joy when they see their photos incorporated around the party room.

As you can see from these examples, we have produced some wonderful Bar and Bat MItzvahs where photographs are used as artistic expressions and dramatic backdrops.

{Photo Credits, top to bottom: Michael Jurick; Christine Johnson; Clay & Co, Michael Jurick}

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