New York Times, Extravagant Wedding Cakes on the Rise!

New York Times, Extravagant Wedding Cakes on the Rise!

As seen in The New York Times, Weddings and Celebrations, reports of the demise of the wedding cake have been exaggerated.

True, the recession forced many couples to downsize their weddings, and economize on glammy cakes. And afterward, some affluent couples were hesitant to flaunt big weddings and show-off cakes. Then that cutesy cupcake-wedding craze came along. Not to mention the dessert-tables-without-the-wedding-cake thing.

Beyond this, image-sharing on Pinterest as well as bake-offs on the Food Network have created a new wedding-cake world of aficionados. No longer can professional cake designers get away with offering a few formulaic designs. “Every bride is now online, and exposed to a whole world of ideas,” said Harriette Rose Katz, a Manhattan-based wedding planner who does 130 events a year.

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